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Create your personalized sessions with our online session form. In the form you can set up your custom sessions to best suited to the production needs. We have Full Orchestral, Strings, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion sessions which can be requested at the following sessions:


The duration of recording sessions can be estimated quite accurately, considering that a 4-hour session results in approximately 20 minutes of recorded music. This may vary depending on the complexity of music and any extra requests during the session. Up to two 4-hour sessions (plus an additional hour) may be booked for a day.

Create your session

Online booking system (Scoring Orchestra)

The link will redirect you to our orchestra page, where you can make your request.


With our personalized booking system you can specify in detail what orchestra size you want to book and for which date. We will send you an offer by email so that we can discuss more details.

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