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Professional musicians, high-end technique
and generational experience behind the walls of historical
studio building in Budapest


Scoring Europe specializes in film music recordings. Our clients receive professional service thanks to the experience of our skilled musicians and sound engineers. Our in-house conductors possess excellent English communication skills and are highly qualified. Our official orchestra is the Inspired Symphony Orchestra, and we produce our recordings at the Pannonia Studio.

Our team has many years of experience and has been involved in the production of many world-renowned productions. Our international partners are manufacturing companies who have put their trust in the orchestra and are satisfied customer and returning partners.

Scoring recordings with extra services

Composer satisfaction is always our top priority, so we offer a range of extra services to make your studio recording more professional


Extra fast delivery

2 hours after the session you can download the recorded material from our own FTP server, which is protected by unique client login details.


Free orchestrator assistance

If you need it, our recording orchestrator helps you make the most of your recording time.

Free behind the scenes video

If you book an all-day shoot (8 hours) or we work on the soundtrack of an entire film, our professional video crew will make a behind-the-scenes film for you for free.


Last minute score change

You can send us last-minute changes to your sheet music, because we print it in the studio.

up to 

Extreme recording time

If you want to spend as many hours recording as possible, we can organize a recording day of up to 12 hours. 


Our professional team has the highest technical and professional background. Some of their previous work includes film soundtracks. See some examples of our recordings from last years below.

honest thief.png
Minecraft Legends.jpg

To make an orchestral recording click on the booking button and start configuring the recording session

Long-term cooperation with film tax rebate

Thanks to a film support programme major international productions are coming to Hungary every year. In addition to the film shoots, our post production services have also achieved great success in film scoring.

How it works?

The film support program can also be applied to our services. Thanks to tax rebate, we can offer significant discounts at the highest quality.

For more information contact us at

Listen to our previous recordings

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